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Born in La Libertad-Peru in 1957, KASISOL is one of the most prominent Peruvian artists with a vast list of exhibitions. He graduated in 1982 from the National School of Fine Arts of Peru.
He is a direct descendant of the Moche, an ancestral culture of Northern Peru, who has inherited the art of using the brush and shape and color to all his feelings and lives. 
Kasisol mixes in the canvas the stylized theme of “mamachas” (Andean women) with the brightness of the space. His contribution to the arts is an amazing reality in the approach of form and color and claims to reassess his cultural past.
"It's like the ancient Gods entrusted me with the task of creating a work of art, and the symbols I use represent my people inside." 
His work has been exhibited in numerous galleries in Perú and around the world.
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